One Year Later with the Moto 360

It’s a watch that caught my eye and really separated itself from the competition.   The 1st gen Apple watch was square and other smart watches had circular designs but looked cheap.  The Moto 360 looked great, felt great on my wrist and was half the price of an Apple watch.

The first 6 months was a great experience.  I received more compliments on my Moto 360 than any other watches I’ve worn in my life.  This includes a wide range of watches such as luxury watches like the Breitling Superocean 44.

Changing watch faces was fun, answering phone calls from the watch convenient and reading text messages very efficient.  It was very useful on a day-to-day in a business type of environment.

Things changed after 6 months.  The battery began fading quickly.  At the beginning I would get 12 hours of use.  After 6 months I was lucky to get 6-8 hours of use.  Then it began shutting off on its own.

I used it as a clock by my bedside as it recharged.  A great idea but little did I know it slowly created a burn in on the screen.  Now when I load certain watch faces, I can see the damage in the LCD screen.

Pairing the phone with my Android phone was relatively easy but when I changed from Android to iOS pairing the watch was nearly impossible.  I had to reboot the watch and my iPhone to pair it properly.


One year later, I have not worn the watch.  During the first 6 months I felt there was no need to ever own a regular watch.  In fact, I thought regular watches would be dead.  The complete opposite is now true based on my experience.

I think there is a place for smart watches for active use such as running.  However, nothing beats the reliability of a regular watch.  Until the technology improves with an extended battery life, improved reliability and better functionality I do not recommend these watches for daily use.

I would much rather just wear my Casio DW5600e-1V.

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