The House of Marley does it again!

Looking for Bluetooth headphones?  Thinking about Beats?  Did you see how much they cost?  To find good value and quality in the headphone market is certainly a challenge.  You are paying for the brand with Beats headphones, that’s the bottom line.

The House of Marley’s upgraded Rebel Bluetooth headphones really make it impossible to overlook.  With a price point around $70 CAD, you can’t help but try them out.  Being an audiophile, I was skeptical of the sound quality at that price.  To ensure I had something to compare to, I did an in-store comparison of Beats vs. Marley.

The sound quality of the Rebel Bluetooth headphones are very good.  Deep base and clear sound at a higher volume was very impressive.  For on-ear headphones, the comfort was excellent.  With the battery at full-charge I got around 8 hours of steady use.  Not as good as the Beats but certainly acceptable at that price point.  Beats are more than 2X the cost!

Beyond price, sound quality and comfort the House of Marley really sets itself apart from the competition by thinking about the environment.  70% of the material is made of bio-plastic and they also regrind their silicone rubber.  It’s rare to see companies think about the environment at a practical level ensuring that products sold to consumers meet a strict level of quality along with helping our environment.

Full specifications of the Rebel Bluetooth headphones are as follows:

Bluetooth 4 with A2DP stereo audio

8h Playtime

Wireless controls on right ear-cup

Integrated mic for communication over Bluetooth

40mm dynamic driver

Removable cable with mic,1-button remote

L-Shaped gold plated plug for a wired override

USB charging cable

With so many benefits including overall sound quality, comfort and price it’s totally worth giving the Rebel Bluetooth headphones a try.  Please add your comments below if you have tried these headphones.  For daily music enjoyment these are perfect.

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