Cognac Park – VSOP like a XO

You’ve heard of Hennessey, Remy Martin, Courvoisier etc.  All very recognizable brands. Does recognition matter?  Well, when it comes to any spirit most will choose what they recognize.  That unfortunately doesn’t mean you are drinking the best quality spirit.

All large brands lose one important thing as they grow.  Quality.  As volume orders increase, quality goes down with it.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is either lying or does not know how most businesses work.

What makes brands successful is passion, quality and hard work.  That normally starts right at the beginning.  As the years progress, it naturally becomes more difficult to grow especially when volumes grow at an extraordinary rate.  This also organically impacts how “special” your product is.  That is unfortunately what most recognized Cognac brands are going through.

The little guys like Cognac Park by small manufacturer Tessendier and Fils are what the top brands of today were over 100 years ago.  Passionate, focused on quality over quantity and will do whatever it takes to grow.

Just introduced to the Canadian market, Cognac VSOP is a quality spirit aged 8 years which is the minimum requirement for a XO labelled Cognac.  That alone shows the level of quality and passion this brand goes through to ensure a top quality Cognac.

Margaret Swaine, wine columnist and expert recently scored Cognac Park VSOP 92.  In her review she said,

“Maison Cognac Park is a family owned cognac house with a full range of quality cognacs. Producing since 1880, it’s now in the hands of brothers Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, fourth generation cellar masters. Jérôme and Lilian blend approximately three hundred eaux-de-vie each year, some more than one hundred years old, and make up to 20 million bottles of Cognac annually. This VSOP is deep golden amber with a floral, pretty, aromatic bouquet that has sweet overtones of vanilla. The smooth, warmth of vanilla caramel glazes the palate, followed by a nice elegantly rich depth. Gentle, subtle and supple, it’s silky throughout to the finish. Considering its superior quality, it’s value priced.”

You can buy Cognac Park VSOP at the LCBO for only $79.55.  This is $10 cheaper than any other Cognac VSOP in the Ontario market.


If you enjoy Cognac this is definitely a must-try and has huge potential to steal market share from some of the most recognized brands above.

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