Casey Neistat in Canada

You Tuber of the Year Casey Neistat just visited Canada!  He arrived during a snowstorm which delayed his flight from New York City and at the end of his speech it started snowing in Canada, go figure!

Although he recently sold his start-up BEME to CNN for a reported 25 million and is now an employee of CNN he continues to produce video content on his YouTube channel.

Before speaking at the Haste & Hustle marketing event held near Toronto he was shooting b-roll for his latest vlog.  I had the opportunity to see Casey in action flying his DJI Mavic drone.

He was interviewed before heading on stage and had some wonderful things to say about Canada and Canadians.

Watch Casey during the Q&A period at the Haste and Hustle event in Canada.

Casey continues to inspire us all with his innovating storytelling.  We look forward to seeing the next chapter of Casey Neistat in 2017.  Good luck Casey!

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