Gary Vaynerchuk #work

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is well known to some but not many…yet. He is a self-made millionaire, seen as a business prophet, a hustler or as he called himself in his most recent keynote, a worker.  Don’t hustle, just work he said.

For those who haven’t seen his social content, check it out.  He is on almost every social platform.  He strongly believes being there before others has a huge upside with very little risk.

As the CEO of VAYNERMEDIA, Gary Vaynerchuk exudes confidence, knowledge and a reputation of getting things done.

Gary @ Haste & Hustle conference commented on words and actions.

What many like about Gary is his no nonsense honesty.  He tells it like it is. He doesn’t worry about hurting someones feelings and cares more about being honest so a person can learn and grow from that experience.

Case in point.  Watch what happened during a Q&A at Gary’s most recent keynote speech at the Haste & Hustle conference near Toronto, Canada

The word “work” came up often in his presentation.  The person who works harder will win, that’s the bottom line.  Does that mean no vacations?  You may be surprised how he feels about vacations and work-life balance.

Gary Vaynerchuk wants to leave a legacy.  If the growth of his social following is any indication he is well underway.  Keep up the great work Gary!

You can follow Gary on the following social platforms:

Twitter: @garyvee




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