Linky – A Foldable Electric Longboard

With so many electric longboards on the market distinguishing the difference is beginning to get difficult.  They all look like a typical longboard, they all run on lithium batteries and boast high speeds and long-lasting rides.

The one that separates itself from the pack is Linky.  Coming this Summer, you will now be able to buy an electric skateboard that is truly portable.  So compact, that you can fit it in a backpack!  That’s Linky’s meaningful differentiation.

Designed in Italy, the quality is likely to be top-notch.  Some images of their prototype look stunning and amazingly compact.

Beyond its compact size it boasts:

  • Up to 15 km distance with only a 30 minute charge
  • Made of bamboo and light weight plastics, it only weighs in at 4.9 kg making it the world’s lightest electric skateboard
  • It goes as fast as 30 km/h and get even go uphill at 10% with a 100 kg load
  • The battery easily be swapped out as well
  • It also come with a designer backpack that’s made in Italy
  • Waterproof
  • Also has a LED light if you are planning to ride in low-lighting conditions
  • The colors can be customized by the customer

You can pre-order now.  The starting price for Linky will be $749 (USD) and there’s a LIMITED number of units at this price.  All the boards on Indiegogo are significantly discounted compared to the final retail price which will be $1099.

Linky has an amazing story that began with a Kickstarter campaign that overacheived at 144% over asking ($100K)

Watch CEO, Paolo Pipponzi show you the latest version/prototype in-action.

It is now almost ready for production.  Just a few days ago, they announced, “We’re now at 17-18 km with a single charge at an average speed of 18 km/h; that’s 3 km more than we promised”.   They have also been listed as the 100 most innovative Italian companies in the electric mobility sector.

Fans of Linky have been asking for more video footage of their product.  I’m looking to get my hands on one of the prototypes or early production models to test it out in-field, in Canada.

Based on its specifications, this electric skateboard will really challenge the market place due to it’s portability.  For many, there will be no need to take a car, bus or train — just hop on your Linky and you’ll get where you need to go in a compact, efficient way.

Congratulations Linky on your amazing entrepreneurial story and we look forward to having any opportunity to share our experiences with your product to our Canadian consumers.

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