The Seiko SKX009J has been given many accolades by many watch connoisseurs and YouTubers recently like The Urban Gentry which made me genuinely interested in researching this watch.

I bought this one from Amazon and after a pretty lengthy search I finally found the J version which is made in Japan.  The Malaysian version was quite easy to find and much more affordable but I wanted to have the one made in Japan.

The Seiko “00” series launched in 1996 and was inspired by early diver watches Seiko released in the 60’s.  What makes this watch special is its unbelievable value at only around $200!  It’s also ISO certified to 200M and has automatic movement that’s so durable that many people haven’t serviced it in over 25 years!

I own a $5000 Breitling and must say this watch is way more fun to wear, looks great, sits nicely on a smaller wrist and even gets more compliments!

The only criticism is the cheap jubilee bracelet and/or the rubber strap it comes with.  They are both not made of good quality and very uncomfortable to wear.  I purchased a couple of NATO straps and a Perlon strap from Amazon that fit the 22mm lugs perfectly and look fantastic.


It has a 120 click bezel but unfortunately mine doesn’t line up perfectly.  However, there isn’t any play back and forth and it does feel solid.

The crown is at the 4 o’clock position which is a nice design feature because it prevents the watch from digging into your wrist.  It has a screw down case back and a nice tsumami embossed logo on the back.  The watch is powered by the workhouse 7s26 movement and features a day-date display.  Although it doesn’t handwind and isn’t hackable you can’t get a quality watch like this for around $200.

Some big names have worn this watch like General Norman Schwarzkopf and Robert Redford in the movie All is Lost.


If you’re looking for an affordable watch that’s automatic, good quality, made in Japan, extremely durable and looks great, this is the watch for you. Just buy a couple of NATO straps and you are good to go for almost any occasion.

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