Apple Series 2 Watch a Winner!

For those of you who haven’t heard my experience thus far with smartwatches, check out my Moto 360 one year later review!

This watch as you can probably tell was not for me but my wife. She wanted an activity tracker, I got her an Apple Series 2 watch. Took some convincing believe it or not but after she tried it on at the Apple Store and saw all it’s features, she was all in. It cost us nearly $600 versus a fitbit that’s less than $200 but the Apple Watch does so much more.

If you are looking for the 42mm version you can get it for a great price on Amazon.  Click here.

The series 1 had several issues with it including no GPS, weak battery life, slow performance and was not waterproof to name a few. The series 2 has improved in all those areas and was likely what Apple originally wanted to launch with but didn’t.

As with every Apple product the packaging is amazing with every design detail covered.

When trying out the watch, I immediately noticed the brightness improvement in the series 2 version. The responsiveness was also very quick making it easy to go in and out of apps. This is the 38 mm version in rose gold with the rubber band. No need to upgrade the band since there are hundreds of 3rd party choices available on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of what you’ll find in the Apple Store.


My wife has only worn it for about a week now and has nothing but positive feedback to share. I think Apple has a winner with series 2 Apple Watch.

Will it make me purchase one? Unfortuantely not. Wearing a smartwatch for a year and then going back to my mechanical watches has really made me appreciate the quality and workmanship that goes into these handcrafted time pieces.

Be sure to check out my review of the Seiko skx 009 and you’ll see what I mean…and it only costs less than half an Apple Watch!

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