Watch Collection 2017

Welcome to my watch collection review for 2017. All my watches are stored in a Ohuhu watch box purchased from Amazon for only $30! It’s a 12-slot watch box with faux leather, lock and glass top.

Suitable for different styles of watches, including the big dial watches.

It will cushion the owner’s watches securely on individual pillows. The lid features a clear glass to enable easy viewing of the watches inside.

Ohuhu Watch Box

Now the watches which include some NATO straps as well.

First we’ll begin with a legend in orange. Yes, the Casio F91-W. I bought this mainly for the colour to have a little fun. Believe it or not, I took it snorkeling in Mexico a couple of years ago and it’s still as good as new. Remember this has a 7-year battery life!

Then of course we have another icon in the Seiko SKX009J (the Japanese version). You can watch my full review below.

This is not a very popular brand outside of Switzerland but is known for being the railway timepiece in Switzerland. It’s a classic design, quartz movement, sapphire glass and is made in Switzerland.  The brand is Mondaine.

FullSizeRender (2)

Have you heard of Darwil? This is manual wind watch made in Switzerland from the 1960’s. It was passed down by my grandfather and still works perfectly. It will be in my collection forever.

FullSizeRender (1)

This is the Breitling Superocean 44. A solid watch on a army green zulu strap. It’s bold, understated and very reliable. I did a review comparing it to the F91-w. Check it out below.

This is an 18K gold Bulova vintage watch (Accutron) made in the 70’s with a diamond studded bezel. I don’t even know the model number it is so if someone knows what it is please let me know! It was passed down by my parents.


Now another legend. The Casio DW5600-E1V. Certified by NASA and an all round beater that you can wear in the roughest conditions.

My first smartwatch is the Moto 360. Although it’s in my collection it won’t be for long. Please see my review below to learn why!

Yes, another F91-W in black with a camo NATO strap I bought from Amazon. Very cool. I got inspired after I saw TGV from the Urban Gentry review it a few months ago. Great buy.

And lastly, my Nixon. I bought this strictly because of it’s cool design. Unfortunately, moisture got in and now there’s a little condensation on the glass. Not great quality and a little disappointed in Nixon. As you can expect this will not be part of my collection moving forward.

FullSizeRender (3)

Beyond watches here are a few NATO straps I’ve purchased from Amazon between the $10-$15 range in various colours.

Hope you enjoyed my watch collection review for 2017. Please leave me your comments and suggestions for watches I should add or remove. Look forward to reading your feedback! Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel Verve Reviews.

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